I chopped mi
After 27 years of hair growth, I decided to start from scratch. This is my story.
I chopped mi "locs" to grow...curls.
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Week 13: #latergram The Maxi is great for airport travel
Q: Hi, I want to go natural-I guess I've been transitioning since mid-2013. I want to get the big chop, however I want to get it professionally done-how would I go about asking or even where would I go (not many black hair care shops out here) how would I go about asking for the chop if I dont want to go completely bald but i also dont exactly want (but will be ok) with a twa
Asked by adria-a-h
Night 6 of (now possibly 7 in a row 😳). Please don’t ask me how I’m functioning. Good news, after this, off for 5 nights. πŸ™Œ P.S. Why is my hair so big? Lolz #nurselife #criticalcare #crazynurse
Week 12: #latergram another #oldiebutgoodie dress find from the #Gap. No photog was available soooo a selfie had to do ☺️
This stuff was working my nerves, so had to do this #beenaminute (OH and someone give me play-by-plays of #yonce 😩😩😩)
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Hey girl hey. 😘