I chopped mi
After 27 years of hair growth, I decided to start from scratch. This is my story.
I chopped mi "locs" to grow...curls.
Oh rainy Friday night.
Chunky twistout definition for ya
Sooo this happened last night. 👀A feature from #curlbox is like my dream come true, 😩😩 lol no seriously. 👋👐👍😘👋 to all my new followers! Let’s talk hair 😉 #happyfriday #naturalhair
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You’d never guess I’d just come off of night 1 of 3 😁 #cheers #nightnight #nightshiftnurse
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Happy Friday :)
Forcing a smile after having to get out of bed and workout in this rain. 😏 #istilldontliketoworkout ::yeshrug::