I chopped mi
After 27 years of hair growth, I decided to start from scratch. This is my story.
I chopped mi "locs" to grow...curls.
Week 20: Halter maxi meets chambray.
Out enjoying this beautiful Friday in the A on my OFF DAY!
Week 19: ATL nights…
Off to dinner with my favorite person
Post 12 hour shift (and 2 pooping patients) hair. I’ll take it. 😘 night night!
And just like that, I’m obsessed with her again… 😘
Week 18: All smiles…
Week 17: midweek #maxi
Week 16: #chambray dress (oldie but goodie)
Just when I had given up…. #shegrows. ALWAYS take pics curlfriends! (Hit me to start your #HSN journey! 678-671-8611).